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Christmas Update submitted to Apple’s review

Yesterday we have submitted Christmas Update. It now waits for Apple’s approval. Hope it soon will be at App Store.

What’s new:

  • new land with reindeers and snowmen,
  • 3 Christmas hats,
  • Christmas bridge,
  • Christmas music,
  • new game name

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New game name “Ninja Ponk”

We were informed by Atari lawyers, that “Ninja Pong” and “Ninja Pong HD” names infringe Atari, Inc.’s intellectual property rights.
To resolve this situation we will rename “Ninja Pong” and “Ninja Pong HD” to “Ninja Ponk” and “Ninja Ponk HD”.
Updates with new names will be submitted for Apple’s approval after weekend.


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Ninjas on SlideToPlay!

We’ve had an incredible series of great reviews on the best known iPhone related websites! Now you can read about Ninja Pong on!

SlideToPlay review

Fragment of SlideToPlay review

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AppSpy video about Ninjas!

There’re many iPhone related websites in the web. Some of them make video reviews. A few of them make really cool video reviews. One of those is definitely the

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Toucharcade review!

If you’re interested in iPhone games there’s a really small chance you’ve never heard about It’s one of the most significant and professional website in the iOS games world. A few days ago Ninja Pong had a great review on their main page! Check it out!

Great Toucharcade review

Fragment of Toucharcade review

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@AppStore tweeted about Ninja Pong

Wow!! Yesterday @AppStore tweeted about our game

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13th in China!

We’re proud to announce that Ninja Pong HD has reached 13th position in the Chinese App Store Top Paid Application Rank!

Other Asian countries like us too :)
Indonesia: no. 20
Thailand: no. 31
India: no. 35
Malaysia: no. 39
Singapore: no. 64

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More & more people like Ninja Pong

Ninja Pong HD is advancing in the US Top Paid Applications rank. We’re currently on the 69th place! Wish us good luck :)

There’re also more written reviews about our game:

Arcadelife: 85/100
TheAppShack: 4.5/5

Fragment of Arcadelife review

If you know Italian, you can check out these links: 5 Games Of The Week

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Halloween sale & Top 100

Everybody knows that ninjas love Halloween, so we’ve decided to cut the price of Ninja Pong HD by 50% for a few days! Now you can buy it for $0.99!

Another news is that Ninja Pong HD entered the US Top 100 Paid Apps. We believe we can do even better, new update is in progress with new land, items and modifications!

Here’s another written review, made by Crazy Mike!

If you want you can also watch new video review about Ninja Pong:

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New & Noteworthy

Big news! We are very proud to announce that Ninja Pong HD has been featured by Apple in the New & Noteworthy Apps category. The iPhone version landed also in the New & Noteworthy in the Games category. From our point of view… that’s awesome :)

Ninja Pong HD in N&N

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